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Thoughts, Teens & Totes

January 7, 2014


Yesterday started off a bit slower paced work wise than most days do which was fine because it made up for the hectic nature of the first day back to school after break. I swear there’s always something.

I did however have the unique chance to read a blog post from one of my author friends yesterday morning, which I naturally wouldn’t do until much later in the day when all of a sudden something she said triggered a rush of plot ideas and I felt a spark like I haven’t felt in months. More on that tid bit later. For those of you who read my books I promise you will like this.

I also came to the conclusion that raising a teen is like trying to herd cats with a water hose. They spit and hiss and act like they want to tear your eyes out and the second you think you’ve got them going in the right direction they find somewhere to flop down after knock over a mug of coffee and two planters on the way by. Yep did not have a good afternoon with my teen. Arguing about everything. Love her to death but jeepers she drives me screwy some days. Least we had a good heart to heart before she went to bed. Both feel better for it I think.

I did finish the tote I started the night before. Although I’m not entirely happy with how the fray came out so I may have to work it a bit more before I call it complete.

And I think that will conclude my run with denim for a while. Going to start working on the other projects I have up to finish. Who knows what’ll get done tonight.

Until tomorrow…

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