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January 8, 2014


Yesterday could have been better. The frigid temperatures in Toronto made being outside almost unbearable. I kept the kids home simply because the walk home would have been brutal on the kids. They don’t take days off very often so one day isn’t going to hurt. They are back at it today.

The cold and I did not get along very well either. The door to the store kept blowing open which meant the store was constantly cold. Which in turn meant my legs hurt nearly all day. By the time I got home all I had left was enough to get me into my bed. Lucky for me it meant snuggles with two of three of my kids. The third was already asleep due to a headache. Poor kid is just like me in that regard with weather headaches but she knows herself and will go sleep it off and wake up better for it.

I did get a couple of cute scrubbies made yesterday. Just one of those things I wanted to try they made up fast and I think they turned out cute. Started a blanket last night too only because I couldn’t sit at my sewing table. Hope to get back there tonight.

Today should be a lot warmer but I’m bringing a blanket just in case. 😉

Until Tomorrow…

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