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Happy Birthday Baby!

January 10, 2014


Every year I get to write these birthday posts and every they change just a little bit but the message is always the same.

This year its a little bit different because this year I say good bye to single digits forever. No more kids under the age of 10 in this house.

Its a milestone for all of us. Gone are the “little kids” here to stay are the young ladies.

This Monster of mine has shown me that good things come in small packages. Always the smallest of my bunch her heart exceeds the size of her body. She never fails to pitch in whenever is needed. She’s our joker who never fails to illicit a giggle from all of us no matter how hard the day might have been.

Her love for animals is second to none and I cannot wait to tell her later today how I’ve worked it out that she will get to go spend time with the animals at our local shelter. She’s not old enough yet to be a full volunteer ( you have to be 18 for that) but when I explained to the head of the volunteers that she wants to be an SPCA worker or a vet when she grows up he worked it out that so long as a parent is with her she can go and help socialize the animals that need someone. She is going to be so excited.

So with that happy thought I am off to wish my youngest a very happy 10th birthday!

Until Tomorrow…

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