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The Quiet Moments

January 11, 2014


Alright so I haven’t been completely honest about this week. Not that I’ve been dishonest but rather I didn’t want to dwell on the crappier side of life. One of my goals this year was to focus more on the positive and take a deep breath and work through the negative.

But let me tell you this week sucked royally. I’ve had battles waging on all fronts this week, the store, home and hell even my books too a hit. Every time I’ve gotten one situation solved the wheel falls off the applecart on another side.

I kept joking that God took one of my usual joking comments of “what else?” as a personal challange. In case you’re reading this God I’m good now. I get the point.

Best part of my week happened when I got home last night and spent some quality time with my kids. Cake and a movie. No better way to finish off the week.

The relief I felt when I finally made it home and shrugged off the day reminded me of what I had been missing. Its the simplicity of that quiet moment. I was so busy putting out fires I had forgotten to find my moments each day.  By the time the gifts had been opened, cake devoured and movie watched I was completely exhausted but aside from that I felt so much better.

My advice to you…find those moments in your day where you have the chance to center youself…it will do wonders for you.

Until Tomorrow…

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  1. January 11, 2014 12:27 pm

    Sending you mondo big, warm, loving ((((HUGS)))) ❤

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