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Lost Track Of Time…

January 14, 2014

So the last couple of days I’ve been a bit lax in my blog posting. Sunday I started out with the idea that I would do my semi usual Sunday Night Chit Chat… which I did not write and yesterday, well to be honest I was tired and didn’t write it. So with that I am back into the swing of things today.

How are my goals for 2014 going? Some not bad. Some not great.


I seem to be finishing a lot of little things in the last week or so. Seemed like every day there was something else being completed. However work on the black and pink blanket I started in the deep freeze last week has come to a standstill as I have run out of the black yarn I was using and despite going through one giant bin of wool have not come up with any more loose ends lurking. That being said I wont have time to hunt some more down for a bit. I did however find a few leftover unfinished projects hidden in the bin and will be working away on getting those completed.


Lets just say I have had a whole lot of beautiful plot lines and new thoughts for already started books but the energy level and focus still hasn’t returned and I find myself going through spits and spurts writing. Some moments like one I had yesterday are great but mostly its forced. Slow but sure I am positive it will come back to me again.


Aside from my absence the last couple of days on this blog I seem to be doing alright on both blogs. My writing blog is pretty booked up for the next couple of months which is lovely. I will be looking for more authors to interview and do guest posts with as time goes on.

And off to work I go!

Until Tomorrow…

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