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Filling My Bucket

January 15, 2014


Everyone always asks me how I find the time to make the things I do. And my response is always the same. I make time.


Its my ME time. Its both productive and therapeutic.

And in my personal opinion its something that everyone needs to be healthy. I know for myself that I need to have this time for me everyday or as close to it as is possible given my somewhat hectic lifestyle or otherwise I am no good to anyone or anything.

Last year I did not make the time I needed for myself and I deeply regret how I managed my life. After taking over the business in early June I threw myself into my job. Coming home tired to begin with and continuing to work at home until the wee hours in the morning.

I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. I wanted to make sure that I was doing right by my new business and giving it my all. But what I realized later was that I had worn myself right through. There was nothing left of me for anything or anyone.

My stress levels were at an all time high and I didn’t like the person I was starting to become. After more than one discussion with my Uncle it dawned on me that I had not been filling my soul with things that made me happy.  I had been doing all of the right ‘have-to’ things but I wasn’t shutting off and taking the time out to do the things I needed to do to fulfill myself as a person.

With the change in year coming I realized just what I had to do to make a real difference in the way I managed my life. I reverted back to taking time for me. Once I walk out of the store at the end of the night I try my level best not to think about or do anything for the business unless there is an emergency that arises and then and only then I will do what need be done. If it can wait until morning then it gets done the next day.

While I still find myself tired I am finding that I am not as stressed out as I was. While last week wore me out with all the things that happened I spent a lot of time on the weekend refilling my happiness bucket and am feeling much better for it.

Remember to always make time to fill your happiness bucket. Its important.

In the words of my dear Uncle “If you dont look after you, how can you look after anyone else?”

Until Tomorrow…

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