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Boring Board Meeting..

January 16, 2014


I didn’t get a lot done last night because I spent the evening at my condo corps board meeting. (The quilt for my nephew in the picture was actually finished Tuesday night.)

I’ve been on the board just over a year and its actually quite enlightening and at some points entertaining. Last night however was not so much. Being that we are coming up to our fiscal year end there was more talk about finances than there was anything else.

That aside it was a slow start at the store and by the time it got busy later in the evening I was tired beyond from lack of adrenaline.

Here’s hoping today remains busy and the day flies by.

I get to go change my front blinker in my van after work tonight. Means I get to see my Nan and Aunt (and of course Uncle too haha) as ill be borrowing their parking garage as my auto shop. Hard to change a bulb in the dark and by the time I get home at night its pitch dark and I’ve no time until the weekend otherwise.

Well best be off to start my day.

Until Tomorrow…

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