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Channeling My Inner Mechanic

January 17, 2014

For those of you who don’t know I’ve only had my license and my van for a couple of years but I love her. She’s my gateway to freedom and my workhorse.

Well one of the things I always wanted was to learn how to do all sorts of things to keep my van running. One never knows when something will go wrong when you’re out in the middle of no where. And I try my best to be completely prepared or mostly prepared for things that crop up.

Besides I grew up watching my mothers father tinker in his garage and I don’t have a problem getting my hands dirty.

I’m pretty lucky to have my Uncle around to show me the ropes and teach me how to take care of the little things that crop up.

So when my left front blinker burnt out I already knew what to do as I had changed the other one in the summer. But needed somewhere bright and warm to get the job done.  After a delicious dinner made by my aunt we tackled the job. Of course it took some fighting of course. No work on a vehicle every goes smooth. Cold and slush makes everything a pain right now.

But it got done. Topped up the fluids while I was at it.  And after walking my grams home I headed home myself.

I pulled in the drive and naturally the headlight is burnt out on that side now. So I’ll be down there again tonight to get that changed. Never ending story.

But I love her.

Until Tomorrow…

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