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Happy Birthday Little Bear!!

January 21, 2014

hope(This post comes completely late as my world has been turned upside down over the weekend more on that tomorrow however)

Today marks the birth of my middle daughter. She eleven years ago she was born into my world when I needed her most. I firmly believe that she has lived up to her name in every sense of the word. She has the gentle heart that never fails to provide unending love and warm hugs when you need it the most. She is always the first one to scramble for a hug and the one who wont let you go until you’ve gotten your fill of hugs.

Her hope one day is to become a doctor so she can make people feel better. She is dead set on this and has been studying the human body for years now. Yes years folks. Most kids bring home story books from the library. She brings home books about the digestive system and reads them as she eats her breakfast.

With that being said Im shooting to get the rest of this day over and done with so I can run home to my baby bear and get me some birthday girl hugs!

Until tomorrow…



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