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She was still holding his hand when they stepped out of Be’Lesh’s house and into the dark of early evening. She could see people milling around now. All of them were dressed in airy garments as Zaleos was and their skin was the same bluish hue. They all seemed so very delicate and almost waif like people that Elorya was afraid that if she blinked they would disappear before her eyes opened again.

“Welcome to the village of the Nightwalkers.” He said with a sweep of his hand.

The people moved in and out of the various shops. It was as busy as any other city she had seen in the daylight.

“They are beautiful.” She said quietly.

“Yes they are. Most people have never laid eyes on our city as we cant come out in the sun like you as it renders us weak. There are some that have to spend some time in the daylight, but too much time will eventually kill us.”

She said nothing but smiled as people came up to them and bowed their heads at Zaleos before moving on. It was clear to her that the people loved their leader.

“They are all so happy.”

“Yes we are a peaceful people. We have never caused anyone any trouble at all which makes our situation all the more dire. We have never had to defend ourselves and the threat that is upon us will destroy us if we dont find a way to stop it.”

“I dont understand.” What could it be that would threaten such a peaceful race?

“You are aware of the the destruction of the land? Surely you have seen the forests and feilds that have been laid to waste.”

“Yes.” She had seen many in her recent journeys and there seemed to be more every time she left her home.

“Well there are forces at work that drain the very land of its energy. The energy that keeps the circle of life growing. Without the circle remaining in tact the world will fall to chaos. As it is the days seem to be getting longer, and our crops are dying out before their time. Leaving us with less than enough to feed our children.”

She nodded. She had heard the very same thing from other cities she had been to. There were food shortages every where it seemed. Althought there were some cities that still seemed to be doing alright and as a result they had been helping the others survive.

“I have no means of getting help for my people. The other cities around us that we have spent a hundred lifetimes living in peace with have barely enough to help themselves. The other cities are too far away for any of our deligates to travel to. We can not even get to them to find out if they are even in a position to help. Be’Lesh is the only person we have who can travel any distance and he is no longer as strong as he once was. The journey would be too much for him. That is why we need your help. I emplore you to help my people.”

She nodded. She could understand how he felt under the circumstances. She could also see why e’Lesh had done what he had done. The men were both at the end of their ropes and desparate. If someone didnt do something then their race would fall.

She looked at Zaleos who was watching his people going about their lives.

“How much do they all know about what is going on?”

“Only as much as I have had to tell them, I dont want to scare them too much. I dont want to disturb the happiness of my people if I can help it.” His voice cracked with emotion as he spoke.

She could see the silent strength that burned beneath the surface of his skin. She knew in a moment that he would do anything he could to protect his people.

“I will do what I can to help your people.” She whispered placing a hand on his shoulder. “You have my word.”

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