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PART ONE ELORYA: Chapter Three

Her head felt like it had been filled with freshly picked cotton. Mostly fluffy feeling but with a few pricklies here and there. Thinking made her head hurt more. So she lay there for a moment trying to get her barings on the situation rather than move anywhere too fast. She did not even try to open her eyes just yet as she knew if her head hurt this much with her eyes closed then the sudden burst of light would no doubt make her headache worse.

She remembered going to Be’Lesh’s house and then remembered him giving her a cup of warm sweet tea. Then nothing. A sliver of panic raced through her mind. Why had she suddenly lost conciousness. She knew she had not been tired enough to pass out due to exhaustion. So what had happened to her?

There had to have been something in the tea, her mind raced. What else could it have been? She didnt dare move when she heard the sound of voices talking in hushed tones in the same room as her.

“Is she awake yet?” came a voice from the other side of the room that sounded more like a hiss than words.

“No. She should be out for at least another hour I would suspect.” came another voice that she recognized as Be’Lesh.

“What do you thnk she will say when she awakens and finds out that there was something in that tea that you made her?” The hissing voice sounded mad.

“I havent thought that far ahead. All I know is that we need her. And the only way that–”

“That you thought to keep her from running away was to drug her. Foolish old man. I would not blame her one bit if she woke up right now and leveled our village as a punishment for what you have done.”

“I.. I .. I am sorry. I just didnt think that–”

“That is the problem with you. You never think two steps ahead of yourself, do you? No you always rush off with the first answer that comes to you head an then next thing you know we en up with these sorts of situations that we have to deal with.”

“Well you were the one who told me to go and find us a Mya’Daur. That it would be the only thing that would save our peoples homeland. All I did was find her and bring her back and make sure that she did not leave us before you had had a chance to speak with her.” Be’Lesh answered defiantly.

“And you do not think that if you had of confided in her that we needed her help that she would not have stayed at least long enough to talk to me to hear out the problem?”

“I couldnt take that risk my lord.”

“You couldnt take that risk? Honestly Be’Lesh I do not understand you in the slightest.”

There was a great long silence and Elorya thought that she could actually feel their eyes watching her every breath. She had to force herself to take long deep breaths that would mimic sleep as all she wanted to do in that moment was jump up and race out the door.

On the other hand she thought that if she laid there long enough and they kept talking she might actually be able to figure out what it was that they had wanted from her in the first place.

She might not exactly agree with the manner in which Be’Lesh had treated her ut she did understand that desperation could bring out the worst habits in people. And she certainly couldn’t fault anyone for it.

But there was still a glimmer of fear that raced through her body when she remembered that she would not be able to pretend to be unconscious forever and she would eventually have to wake up.

It did not sound like they were out to do her harm however if the request they had of her was something that she would not be able to do would they turn around and hurt her?

She didnt think they would but then again desperation did many a strange things to people. Her mind flip flopped back and forth through fear and understanding. It took her a moment to realize that they had stopped talking.

“We know you are awake. The question now is How long have you been awake and just how much of our conversation have you heard?”

Chapter Four

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