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As it turned out the village wasn’t so much of a village as it was a cluster of houses and small buildings around what appeared to be a central meeting place. Each building and house were made of crude materials, and looked as if they were about to fall over at the slightest gust of wind.

She looked around to see if she could see any of the people who resided in the buildings. And try as she might she couldn’t even catch a glimpse of anyone else. She did however catch sight of movement of window hangings and had seen a door close quickly shut.

For its outward appearance of a ghost town, she knew there were people who lived there. Who and how many remained to be seen.

“Where is everyone?” she asked struggling to keep pace with Be’Lesh.

“They are inside. It is still daylight.” He said matter of factly as they continued their way through the town.

“Oh.” She said still slightly confused.

“This is a village of Nightwalkers. They can not come out in the day light unless they wish to die. The sun light burns them.”

That was when it all fell into place for her. She had finally figured out where it was that she had heard about the village. She had read about the Nightwalkers many years ago when she had been a young girl studying in school. She had once believed that they were a mythical people or at the very least extinct if they had ever existed.

However, this did not seem to be the case as she was standing in the middle of their village.

“So how is it that you have come to live with them, as you clearly are not a Nightwalker yourself.”

“I have been with them for a very long time. I am afraid so long that I can no longer remember how it was that I came to be here.” He sighed heavily.

She looked at him for a moment and wondered if he was telling her the truth or if he was just saying that so he didn’t have to tell her the answer. Which of course was fine with her, everyone was entitled to their privacy.

“Anyways, child, we should be getting in doors. The light is starting to depart and you look like you are about ready to fall off your feet from exhaustion.” He said leading the way to a tiny shack that stood on the far edge of the town.

From the outside the shack looked like nothing more than a bunch of old boards nailed together. It hardly seemed like it was going to keep the wind out let alone any of the major rain storms that plagued the area in the springtime.

The inside however was something else completely. There were lush fabrics every where she looked. A thick plush carpet covered the floor from one end of the room to the other and the window coverings where made of soft velvet.

“Wow.” She murmured taking it all in.

“Not quite what you were expecting was it?” Be’Lesh smiled at her.

“Not at all.”

“Here have a seat.” He said pointing to a small settee that was half covered with vibrantly coloured pillows.

“Thank you.” She sat down and instantly felt relaxed. She knew this house had been built with magic, of that she had no doubt, but she had to wonder why she had not sensed the presence of so much concentrated magic when she had approached the shack.

‘I must really be exhausted.’ She thought as she shifted on the settee to make herself more comfortable.

“Ill just be a minute. Just going to fix us some food.”

There was so many questions that she wanted to ask him and they were burning a hole in her mind, but she knew she could wait the few minutes that he said it would take to fix them something to eat.

She supposed she should have been a little nervous about the whole situation, and truth be told she was to some extent. However, she was used to having people take her in out of the blue to feed her and ask favors of her. The only thing that truly bothered her was the presence of this house and the magic that was used to build it.

It did feel good to be off her feet and sitting on something so comfortable for a few minutes. Besides, once Be’Lesh came back she would ask her questions and get the answers she needed.

Be’lesh came back moments later with two mugs of a steaming brew.

She sniffed it before she drank it, “It smells delicious!”

“It is my familys blend of tea leaves. It has been with us for many generations.” He smiled warmly at her. “I am so glad you like it.”

She sat there focusing on the warm tea for a few minutes without saying a word. Simply enjoying the moment. She was just about to start asking some questions when he spoke.

“So I am sure that you have a lot of questions for me but I am going to have to ask you to wait for a bit until after we have eaten as I am very hungry.”

“No problem, to tell the truth now that I am off my feet and have had some of this delicious tea I realize just how hungry I am.” She smiled, there was something about this man that was putting her at complete ease.

“Not to worry, another few minutes and I will have something for us to eat and then you may ask me all the questions that are burning holes in your mind.” He rose again and left the room.

Sitting and waiting she looked around the room. There were shelves full of books and jars. Most of the books were in languages she knew and understood. For the most part those books were on magic and the like.

She saw one that caught her eye; one that she had read as a child. She stood up to reach for it and then sat immediately back down hard.

She had suddenly felt light headed. She was about to call out to Be’Lesh when the room started to spin with a inky darkness starting in from the corners of her mind.

The last thing she remembered before the darkness overtook her was; the tea.

Chapter Three

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