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The Night Before…

March 14, 2010

And I should be sitting here biting my nails with worry? Well I am not sure about that. I mean I am totally the opposite about new situations. I love them, I love the adventure of trying new things and going new places. So this will definately be something that i am looking forward to.

I have spent the weekend preparing myself for the wonders that await me. We did our taxes and as a result have spent a ton of money loading the house with all sorts of food and supplies. (I would like to think in some cases that we have about a months worth of stuff, if not more)

And I managed to get myself a new spring jacket and loafers for work. And we sprung for a few new video games to finish off the series of DDR that the kids had along with some clothes and stuff for their bears 🙂 So yes while I spent quite a bit of money, I dont feel as though I wasted any of it really.

OH! And I have ordered myself a Dell Mini 10V. I should be getting it around the end of the month. I am soooo excited about that. Its almost as powerful as the laptop I am working on at the moment. AND it is only about 2.5 pounds and is totally more portable then text books or notebooks for working on my school work and my writing. Among other things that need to get done on a computer 🙂

Other than that thats about it for me this weekend. It has been a relaxing blast and I am totally looking forward to next week.

Wish me luck!

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