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Locked and Loaded!

April 15, 2011

Well the kids seem to be doing much better today. Still have the sniffles but its a far cry from the misery they were in. Which makes me very happy. I hate seeing my babies sick with a cold and know that there’s nothing I can do about it.

Today my oldest is playing in a school assembly. She is very is excited. So am I. Only sad part is I won’t be there to see it. The school seems to have the inane habit of having the kids perform and not bothering to give the parents enough time to be able to take the required time off work to be able to come and see them. I may still get a chance but its doubtful at best.

Went to see our family friends daughter perform last night. They did fiddler on the roof. And they did a stupendous job of it. I only wish the kids had of been able to see it. But after the whole plague thing and then toss in the fact that it would have been a late night and it was a recipe for disaster brewing had I taken them.

Three hours until I am gone for the weekend. I may end up blogging up there and then again I may not. I haven’t a clue what is in store for me but I know its an adventure either way!!

Only problem is I’m going to miss them all. Either way it will be a good experience for all.

Almost to work and then off I go.

Until tomorrow…

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