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Volcano Weekend is Here!

June 10, 2011

So last night we started work on the volcanoes. I was worried that it was going to be a huge production and mess but it wasn’t really that bad.

First I thought the paper mache wasn’t going to work but I managed to get the consistency right and it went on fast and easy. And after a quick check this morning it dried like a dream.

Kids are so excited. And not surprising it is keeping them from misbehaving too much. They don’t want to miss the action.

So here’s the plan:

Three volcanoes:
One using the classic baking soda and vinegar.
One using cola and mentos.
One using yeast and bleach.

Three days of work. Two layers of paper mache and one paint job.

An empty driveway and a sunny afternoon.

Three grinning kids and two happy parents.

What could possibly go wrong? (Yes I threw those famous last words in there just for kicks.)

Until tomorrow…

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