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NaNoWriMo Day Sixteen ~AKA Should Be Done

November 16, 2011

Honestly I should be at the very least finishing up the 50,000 words by today. Sadly however I am not.And if I am to make my goal of three novella sized novels (AKA 3 x 30,000 word novels that i intend to flesh out more after November) then I need to seriously get my tail in geat. 4k a day. No mercy.

Kids are doing alright with their novels. I still see the writing books in their hands every day. My middle one seriously needs to work on her printing. I know its hard for her but that is why she needs to do NaNo by hand, so that she can get better and stronger. And at the very least her writing will be legible when she grows up. I refuse to give up on her writing. Oldest is still enjoying to push the i can waltz in the door whenever I would like to button. She sadly does not realize that I am not playing that game anymore and that she is simply just waltzing her way out of writing time. Youngest I think finished a while ago. Not entirely sure to be honest. Will have to see!

Aside from that not much else is new really. Just sort of taking it one day at a time and moseying on through life at a break neck pace. Sigh…

Until tomorrow…

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