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My Own JarJar Binks…

January 21, 2012

I have to admit I was awfully clumsy in my younger years. So I can say my dear middle daughter comes by it honestly. I swear to you I grew up as one big bruise. And Im telling you no matter what I did it didnt help at all so I completely understand the awkwardness of it all. In fact as much as it irritate me it makes me smile and to know that shes going to be alright. That the awkwardness will eventually pass and she will become the beauty I see in her every day. Every day I get to watch my shy sweet little girl grow more and more into her own. Her hugs warm my heart and her smile warms my soul.

My little JarJar, know that it will soon pass but as much as JarJar makes me laugh you too continue to make me smile each day with your beautiful smile 🙂 Happy 9th Birthday! Love you bunches!

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