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8 Months And Half A Lifetime

March 23, 2013

Not even going to lie about how many times I have started a post for this blog in the last almost eight months and then never finished it. There must be at least 10 to 15 starts here. So many times I have started to tell you what’s been going on in my hair-brained world and just haven’t had the time or energy to finish. Or else I’ve just plain forgot.

That’s something that’s been happening a lot as of late. Little things slip my mind. Never used to happen. May be old age is setting in early. Who knows. Wouldn’t surprise me lol!

Lots of wonderful things have happened in the last eight months. Some were started by not so wonderful things but in the end I’ve landed on my feet and better for it. Ill try to sum up as best I can and roll out from there…

I parted ways on less than amicable ways with my publisher in November and re-released a newly revised edition of Sacrifice of Innocence and it has been tearing up the charts ever since.

I went from being the worker bee that I was in August when I last wrote to the GM when we relieved the Regional Manager of his duties early in August to where I stand now in line to buy both stores and running the whole shebang.

Kids are doing great. My oldest turned 13 just a few weeks ago and already is pushing like every normal teenager. My (now) 10 year old is staring to show the rebellious streak. My (now) 9 year old hasn’t. Pray hard for me.

We lost one of our fur babies a few weeks ago so we are still getting our heads around missing him. Tears still flow but its getting easier.

We are looking forward to the summer and the adventures it will hold for us. We have our map ready and marked its just a matter of booking the time.

That aside, swim class is over so I should be off.

Until tomorrow…

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