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On Being A Parent…

January 27, 2010

It is funny, I am late with this blog. I know I have already heard about it from a faithful follower of mine. (Bless Ya Tweets!) But I have a half way decent reason as to why I am late. I was writing a letter (aka short novel) to my Dad.

I love writing to him. I get a chance to let him into the world of the girls and the things we all get into. It is a blast for me really. Most people get to see the girls often and that doesnt leave much to talk about when it comes to them. So its a treat to tell someone about the girls. Yes I love talking about the kids.

But anyways I digress. The letter I wrote made me think about what it is to be a parent and just how life seems to come around full circle.

Do you remember ever thinking “I cant believe that my Mom wants me to do this!” or “What do mean my clothes look like a mess?” or something along those lines? I know I sure do. And my parents took the same line of thinking with me that most parents do. You dont have to understand why now, but you certainly will when you are older.

Well guess what? I am older now and have kids of my own. And guess what.


Its funny, when writing to my Dad I remembered an episode I had with a certain hot-pink hat (yes hot pink, I grew up in the 80’s what else can I say?). Now let me tell you folks this thing looked HIDEOUS at least to my young mind. Mind you the hot pink-ness still doesnt sit right with me but then again it was the 80’s and we know all about the Neon colours from back then 🙂

All my classmates used to poke fun at me. Laugh because my hat, complete with ear flaps, did not look like theirs. So I didnt wear it.

It was a very cold winter that year. I got sick more than once. I should have listened but I didnt.

And you know what I wished for today? That god-awful pink hat.


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