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Morning again…

March 17, 2010

Another good day on the books yesterday. Twas glorious and warm outside and we decided to go for another post dinner walk. Ended up having an astronomy lesson as we didnt get home before the sun set 🙂

I however am finding it hard to get up in the morning. My body does not like having to get up and it certainly does not like a deviation from its routine. Little does it realize that this IS going to be its new routine. I can just imagine the revolt when it figures that out.

Ok back to reality. I am thinking I might not have to get up quite so early in the morning. I mean I prep everything the night before so its just a matter of tossing it all into where it needs to go the next day. Hmmm. The thought behind getting up at 6am was so that I would have some strong creative time to write. However at the moment I have barely been making it to my blog to write let alone be creative.

We are going to have to see how this pans out as of next week when the kids are in school and such. See how I feel then.

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