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Brain Dead

January 13, 2011

That’s what I was when I finally staggered out of the office last night. I love my job but let me tell you folks there are just some weeks that seem like they are made to punish me.

I never set out in life to be in accounting. In fact it was never a thought in my mind as I went through high school. I wanted to be in the arts. And not to mention the fact that math and I didn’t get along too well. You might have called us frenemies.

So how did I end up here? Simply put I grew up.

I didn’t start in accounting. No I started as a receptionist. Then worked my way up to admin assistant and then bookkeeper, always expanding my skills and knowledge. Until I went back to school for accounting.

I am good at it and the money is good.
I love the challange of working out problems, building obscure reports and the awesome feeling I get after a good pile of paper work has either been created or finished off my desk. The whole thing is very satisfying.

The problem? None really. Just a whole lot of somethings getting done leaving me, while satified, very mentally drained.

Ahh well. Back to the salt mines for me today.

Until tomorrow…

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