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Valentines Day!!

February 14, 2011

Romance is not dead!

Of this I am certain. It may be far and few between but it is not dead completely.

So many people out there have deemed valentines day an over commercialized joke. And I can see their point. Truly I can. For the simple fact that if you have someone you truly love then you don’t need a special day to tell someone how you feel about them. Every day becomes valentines day.

I however see the good old V-Day as a day when I get to pull off another wildly romantic stunt on my dear husband and get away with it.

See if I pulled any of my usual stunts on any other day I’d look like a total dork. So I reserve my uber geekiness for those special days when I can get away with it.

Today is no different.

I have made a friend. My friend sees Scott every day. My friend is the UPS driver for the area. He’s going to deliver a box of chocolates and a card to my poor unsuspecting and over worked husband for me today. I only wish I was going to be there to see the look on his face.

Ahh well. I will see it later.

To all of you out there with or without a love today know this. You are loved!

Until tomorrow…

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