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Sunday Didnt Go As Planned

March 7, 2011

Not that we were late or anything. Everything timing wise worked out beautifully. Every one who could make it did. The problem started when we went to go get seats to watch her. We couldn’t even get in the room!

They has 42 kids competing in the class and had only maybe seating for 70 people in the audience. Now you figure if every kid brought two parents that’s 84 people right there. That’s not including siblings, who I know were there as well as grandparents who I’m pretty sure were there too. It was chaos. My aunt uncle and step father in law didn’t even get to hear her play.

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough their group got called up and the teacher wasn’t even there! The kids had to wait up there for a good two minutes until the teacher got there. And then once they were done she left again. She didn’t even make it back for the scoring! She walked in as everyone was leaving. And she looks at me and is like did they get anything?

Ugh! I’m so disgusted with it. Seriously going to have to think about next year and if were going to bother.

On a high note we spent the rest of the day with my aunt, uncle and nan. And I think I need an addiction help line as a result. My dear uncle showed my husband, who in turn showed me a new game. You’ve probably heard of it. Angry Birds. Stupidly simple logistics. And ridiculously addictive. I played it for a bit at their house and came home and bought the PC version. Five bucks. Can’t go wrong. But I really have to not be u playing it until 1230 in the morning.

Ahh well. Just what I need. Another distraction from reality.

Until tomorrow…

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