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The Good Mommy

March 17, 2011

Yesterday started out gloomy and rainy. Matched my mood to a tee. I was miserable the first half of work. So was my dear hubby. It was a special brand of torture designed for parents.

As the day wore on and the rain gave way to sunshine so did my mood improve.

The kids all but begged me to bring Daddy home with me last night. So dutifully I asked him at a few minutes to five if I could be a good Mommy and bring him home. A few minutes later I was passing by my usual bus and hustling up the road to meet him.

We spent a nice evening with our friends. They had taken the brood of their children and ours out for a movie that afternoon and the mass of us enjoyed a nice spaghetti dinner together.

A perfect way to end a long day.

I spent the remainder of the evening doing up hubby and my tax return and if my figures are solid (which I can’t see how they aren’t) then we are going to put ourselves one step closer to our car.

So all in all that puts me in a great mood to start off this Thursday morning.

Until tomorrow…

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