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No Rest For The Wicked

March 28, 2011

So another whirlwind weekend has come and gone in my world. The enjoyability factor in my world is high right now.

Not only did I have a great time at the motorcycle show with my cousin in law and subsequent lunch and coffee but I also had a nice evening with my hubby and children during Earth Hour.

Sunday was its usual mad dash with a nice afternoon party with my neighbours friends. It was what they call and Aloette patry. Basically skin care and make up party. Sort of like the Tupperware partys of old.

All around decent weekend. Oh and did I fail to mention the fact that I got my taxes back and paid off all my bills? Yep did that too. All high interest debts are gone. Yahoo!

And of course this week is going to be busy too. Never a dull moment here!

Tonight I have to run to the vets after work and take the kittens in with my neighbour as they seem to have developed an eye infection of sorts. And then I need to get my nails done. And then hopefully home to start baking for the weekend and doing laundry and maybe sneak in some studying.

Sigh. Ill let you know how far I get!

Until tomorrow…

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