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November 4, 2011

This morning was evily hard on me. I had to peel myself out of a toasty warm bed and drag myself (quietly) out the front door without waking a soul. Made it most of the way. My little ones came down to say hello before returning back up to Daddy to snuggle. Sadly today I am the only one out working. Kids have a day off and Dad taken a vacation day to match.

It is Friday. Week one of NaNo is almost to a close. I am sitting pretty at just a wee smidge over 10,000. The girls are going strong again this year. I am trying my hardest not to count their words. I have noticed that when I do count their words they slow down and stop once they have hit their daily goals. So this year I am going to see what they can do. They just dont know it yet.

Aside from that I went and had coffee with an old friend of mine last night. We went to high school together. In fact we spent the better part of those four years together. Rarely one came without the other.

Its funny, last time I saw her was somewhere in the neighbourhood of ten years ago. My oldest had just been born. Long time ago. People change.

Not us. Thankfully.

We sat in that coffee shop laughing and talking like things had not changed. That a decade had not gone by. It was as if we had never drifted apart in the first place. It was a great feeling. Sure we still have a lot of catching up to do. But the important bits are done. I am still me and she is still she and the reality is we are still friends.

And the weekend seems a bit on the busy side…lots to do and precious little time to get it done. We will see how much I can jam into the weekend before Monday rolls around again.

Until tomorrow…

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