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NaNoWriMo Day 5,6 & 7 ~ AKA The First Weekend…

November 7, 2011

So this weekend was better than I had hoped. I skipped out on the brunch this weekend and opted to go out for lunch with a very special person from my past. She taught me more than just my english classes, but also kept me sane through all those years. She was a mentor and a friend. And we all had a wonderful catch up session this weekend. She met the kids and hubby, and they got to see a bit of the past that shaped me as a kid growing up. And I got a chance to meet her parents too which was a completely added bonus! and of course her wonderful hubby was there as well 🙂

Yesterday was the first writing session I have hosted this year. It was a bigger hit that I had previously thought it would be. It was nice to see some old faces and new faces too! All around even though I didnt get too much writing done per se I did get some plotting done which this year seems to be just as important as the actual writing aspect!

Today I am headed into the day just over 20,000 words in. The kids are still doing awesome. Hubby is starting to miss us and our noisiness. Says the house is too quiet when we are not around or are writing. I think it scares him. The silence.

I need to clean off our pumpkins and chop them up so I can boil them down to make pumpkin pie later on this winter 😀 Three pumpkins should net me a bunch of pies 🙂

And this morning? Ugh. Its dragging on. And I am tired. Just want to go home. A pocket dial woke me up twice this morning at around 530 and then my middle darling decided that it was time to get up after we had told her to go back to bed. And she started waking her sisters. So after sending them back to bed I finally went back to sleep. But anyone who has been woken up that much in the middle of the night knows their sleep is shot.

So here I sit at work trying to get stuff done. (which is why this is a bit later than normal) and praying that this day goes by somewhat quickly.

Until tomorrow…

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