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Brighter Day…

January 26, 2012

Today wasnt so bad. I still have this cloud of self-imposed guilt hanging over my head even though I know that there is nothing I can do. I know that in time it will fade and things will somewhat go back to normal. I know I will always have a heavy heart when it comes to that situation and I do my best to remain as far removed from the situation as I can.

Work was work. We have finally gotten ourselves completely caught up to the minute. Took us nearly two months but we have finally gotten ourselves where we need to be. Now the trick will be keeping us there. With open lines of communication and heaping loads of teamwork we should be able to handle the new incoming influx of business thanks to our new contract which starts Monday.

We didnt end up having our weekly games night which worked out nicely because I was able to get a little more caught up on a bunch of things around the house in preparation for tonight as we go sign the last of the paper work for the debt consolidation loan. It will all be over tonight. And surprising enough we are not sitting as bad off as what I thought we were. At the end of the day things will be right again in our world.

Aside from that and an enjoyable night with my bud for Dog.  (Yes we get together every week to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter… dont knock it … with our busy lifestyles sometimes it is the only day we actually get to sit down and spend any decent time together) That is about it.

Tonight as I say we are out finishing things off and tomorrow is the usual for the kids. And the weekend is shaping up nicely too… might actually get some more work done! HA!

Until tomorrow…

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