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Ok So Now Im Angry……

January 6, 2010

….. about this:

high risk sex offender released in mississauga area

I am so angry I see red. One for the record I live in the Mississauga Valley area. For two the guy’s father lives in our complex. I have actually seen this guy out after dark. The night before he got arrested just over two years ago. Which was about eight months after he had been released for breech of bail conditions.

So yes this guy has been in and out of jail more times than I can say rubber baby buggy bumpers without stumbling.

The whole thing has gotten my goat more than once. It is to the point I have sat back and actually counted the parks and play grounds, the schools, both public and catholic, elementary, junior and high schools, within a three km radius of my house.

And the results are shocking. Just off of Mississauga Valley alone there are 6 schools, 8 play grounds, three full sized baseball diamonds, three full sized soccer fields, a library, a public splash pad, one community center with a public ice rink and swimming pool, and not to mention the miles of walking trails. And those that are just the ones not actually on the school grounds. There is more than that if you count them too.

I figure there are anywhere around 3 thousand children in and around the Mississauga Valley area. THREE THOUSAND.

But here the brilliant minds at Corrections Canada are releasing him like a kid into a candy store! They say he has served his time but that he is at a high-risk to reoffend. And then they tell us to remember that he is still a Canadian citizen and we should not take matters into our own hands. This is our HOME, and these our CHILDREN for crying out loud. How stupid and totally ignorant can they be?

From the perspective of a parent with children who are growing up fast and who are getting to be more and more independent as time goes on it is like my children are the ones who have landed with the jail term.

My house backs onto a small parkette, that my kids love to go play at together with their other friends in the community in the summertime. I cant let them go by themselves when this guy is out because i do not know if he is around. I certainly cant let the girls go out and around by themselves anywhere. I just cant trust it. And refuse to risk it.

Now my kids are good about it. I tell them about things like this and arm them with as much info as I can so that if they do find themselves without me, that they know what to be on the look out for. But what of the parents who cant be there for their kids all the time, for the children whos parents dont watch or read the news, what about the parents who cant read or understand english and worst of all what about the parents who dont care.

Where is the justice for the children? Where is the safety for the children? Why do they need to suffer needlessly?

I say if you know that the guy is going to reoffend one day then I say do not release him somewhere he will be able to get close to a child. Plain and simple.

But no, thats not fair to his basic rights Corrections Canada? Well his being in the area impedes on our childrens basic rights. Get him out of here.

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