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Why is it that…

January 7, 2010

….when we parents are the busiest it is then that our children seem to enjoy slowing down?

I wearing all the hats that I do have precious little time to just sit around and do nothing at all. I mean I do try to make time for myself to sit and do nothing, but it rarely works out the way that i have planned it to.

Now as far as my kids are concerned they have the same responsibilities that kids their age should. But why is it when the end of the week rolls around that they are sloggin off more and more?

Ok fine I get it. They are kids. They are built to be pain in the arses. But for the love of GOD it drives me nutty how they just dont seem to have a concept of time at all.

Especially in the morning. They know they have to get to school. They know they have to get up, make their beds, get dressed, brush hair, eat breakfast and grab their lunch for school.

It is the same way EVERY morning, but for some odd reason they love to not be bothered and seem to think that they have time to do whatever instead of getting ready for school.

And no amount of telling them that they are going to be late makes any difference. They say yes mum and go right back to whatever it was that they were doing.


Ok I am done ranting about the kids this morning. I will try and come back and write a proper blog later.


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