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My Huggy-Bear

January 21, 2010

Its your birthday today. You are 7 years old now my Teddy Bear. Gone are the days when you were just a little baby in my arms. Even then you were the sort of baby that never caused me no trouble. Always had a smile for me.

To this day it is your hugs, the unconditional and whole body enveloping kind, that make my day just that much more bearable. Yes I said it. I love your hugs, even the ones I dont get because I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But thats being a Mom for you, if I could I would sit there all day snuggling with you but I will take the moments when I can.

I have loved the chance to watch you grow into a wonderful little lady. The smile that you were born with may now be missing a few teeth but it is just as warm as the day you were born. It is the thing that keeps me going at work when the going gets tough. All I have to do is look on my desk and see your face smiling up at me and I know Im going to get through the day.

I am so proud of the things you are doing, the stories you read to me, the drawings you make for me.

Dont stop smiling kiddo.

Happy Birthday Dear Hope, Happy Birthday.


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  1. January 21, 2010 10:02 pm

    Happy birthday Hope :] have a great day and take your parents for all you can get!! What a great photo 😀 so gorgeous! xxx

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