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Thank God Its Friday

January 22, 2010

Not that I am entirely sure why I am so happy about this development as I seem to have a totally nonstop. I have a good friend of my (mines?) daughters birthday on Saturday and then we are having a GIANT SUPER-SIZED pulling out all the stops birthday party for Hope and Kylie on Sunday here at the house.


I have a lot of baking to do. I figure to make the cake I want I need about two 9×9″ cakes and two 9×13″ cakes. Yes I said pulling out the stops. I am going to build a three tier cake for them and decorate it up to look like three presents stacked on top of one another. Complete with edible ribbons and decorations galore. I am soooo looking forward to this.

(yes I will post pictures)

Yesterday rocked Hopes world. I did everything I could, sniffling and slugging along to make sure that I still managed to give her the birthday that she wanted. And somehow despite all the problems that arose she was still happy as a lark by the end of the day.

The boss at my day job left for a business trip yesterday. Hes gone for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully I dont need to see him today. Hes really a trying human being. His drug and alcohol habits im sure are lending themselve to making his attitude towards his staff worse.

Yesterday I found out that he likes to talk about me behind my back. Not that I didnt know that before hand. Anyways heres the situation:

I was informed that our logo on our store invoices had disappeared. Now I know I didnt touch it but clearly someone else had. The implication that I had screwed something up was clear. So when I couldnt find a copy of our old logo I used a copy of our new logo and rolled with that. I didnt think that it looked any worse than the one before it had, if anything I thought the page looked cleaner.

Apparently he didnt agree with me. But when he asked about it. I said I didnt have the old logo, no clue where it was and that the new logo was the best I could do at the moment.

Nothing more was said about the issue.

Now get this. HE has the balls to bitch to another one of my coworkers about the fact that hes “tired of dealing with Allison” and could my co-worker fix it. I was in the process of using my noodle and putting it back together.

Then the co-worker had the audacity to turn around and start nit-picking about how the columns were precisely lined up. Telling me what I was doing was not something he couldnt have done himself. I said to him Well then why didnt you do it yourself then? Hes like well I was going to today.

Needless to say I wouldnt have bothered wasting my time fixing it if I had of known that was how I was going to be treated. I would have just left it.

Oh well. Its friday and the weekend is here. I will enjoy every moment I have to sit and do nothing.


Ill enjoy it alright but the sitting and doing nothing part is totally not in my vocabulary.


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