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So it is Friday…

February 26, 2010

Well for the most part I think I have survived the week in decent shape. I mean I started the week with a mountain of work ahead of me … and now I sit at the end of the week dang near the top of the mountain.

All I have left from my giant list of things to do is my writing. Which some of it is enough to make anyone think twice about getting there in time. I have about 12k worth of writing to do. And I have three days in which to do it.

I have one short flash to write, which I sadly have no clue what to write about. And then 11 chapters to write on Pieces of You.

I should be able to make it. I mean I am the one who wrote 110k in the month of november. And I did it with a smile on my face. I think I can write a measly 12k in three days. Thats only 4k a day, pretty much my average for this past november. My best day was 10k in november, had two of those sort of days in the first week.

So it can be done 🙂

Lets get it going. *dons on cape*


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