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The Morning After…

March 9, 2010

And I feel fine. Truth be told I was worried about not being able to sleep for any number of reasons. Excitement and fear being the bigger of the two.

Excitement is more of an obvious one. This is life changing.

The other fear is far more complicated I am afraid. I am not entirely sure I know what I am afraid of. Certainly nothing to do with my new job. That is pure excitement. The thing I thing that I am most worried about it how my soon to be ex boss is going to take the whole thing.

I spoke to my evening boss and he was totally good with it. Actually he said he was expecting it. See I had told him last week that I was looking for something new because of the way the jerk had been treating me.

That was a harder phone call than I would like to have made. I mean seriously, the man has been a great guy. Giving me the space I needed to work and be a mother at the same time. But sadly enough I cant work two jobs like that anymore, I just dont have it in me. Not to mention the fact that it defeats the purpose of my want to be home with the kids.

Either way. This week is going to be a wide ride for me full of ups and downs. I will run the emotional gauntlet this week and I will come out of it stronger.

I can and I will.

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