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Take me out to the Ballgame!

June 10, 2010

There is no sport I love more than baseball. I grew up watching the likes of Joe Carter, John Olerud, Jimmy Key and Devon White. I watched my home team, the Toronto Blue Jays, win not one but two back to back World Series. And no matter how poorly they have been playing in more recent years, you wont find me cheering on any other team.

Lucky for me I married a baseball fan. Sadly though he is a Yankees fan and that means there are wars breaking out when the two teams go head to head. All in good fun of course but none the less it is a battle of teams. Our daughters have followed in our foot steps and have been enjoying the game right along with us. Last year we went and saw a couple of games down at the Dome.

This year however we have decided to play more than just catch and have started teaching them how to hit a ball with a bat. Tonight was the first real effort we have actually gone out with the soul intent of beating the ball with a bat.

Overall we had fun and we have decided that it will be a Monday night ritual (that being one day that Dad rarely works overtime) weather permitting of course. Enjoy the video and if you visit a park near us, watch out if AJ has the bat… shes liable to take your head off if she makes contact. 🙂

Click here to view the video as Word Press didnt want to allow me to embed it.

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