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Snow Day

January 6, 2014


I swear the snow is endless this winter. I shoveled so much yesterday and I’m sure I’ll be shoveling more tonight.

Was an slow day at the store. I did however get a lot done in terms of paperwork and our customer list. By the time I had left the snow was coming down like no tomorrow so it took me a little longer to get home. No problem really. I don’t mind driving in the snow and icy rains but its the other folks on the road that worry me. Some days I wonder how people get their licenses.

Came home and played the second major expansion for Settlers of Catan called Seafarers of Catan. It was a very enjoyable game.

After dinner I got down to making and finishing a couple of things that I / we needed. A wash cloth and a denim zipper pouch were complete and the next bag I’m making is about half done so fat.

Here’s hoping today goes well and that the snow storm brings out a whole lot of people!

Until Tomorrow…

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