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An open (tipsy) letter to Amazon

July 7, 2015

Seems like the #Amazon #review process has been flawed for quite some time… I will say in my years of being an indie this above all else has fired me up the most. We work hard for our readers and they deserve to have a voice to tell the rest of the world all the good (or bad) that we have been up to.

Dear Amazon,

I am a self-published author. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, but I’ve been publishing through your site for a little over three years now. Overall, I love as a consumer. You’re my go-to site for any online purchase, and I appreciate the great deals and service you provide.

This isn’t about me, the consumer.

This is about me, the author.

I’m a nobody… at least I started out that way. In March of 2011, I decided to self-publish my first novel. I’d wanted to go the traditional route, but I couldn’t find an agent to take a chance on my atypical romance with (apparently) far too many words. So after getting my friends and family to edit (for months) and going through many storyline variations, Emi Lost & Found was born. I was proud… but I was a nobody.

At the time, I was very…

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Wet, Wild & Wicked Weekend

January 22, 2014

IMG-20140120-00090I dont know that there are even words to describe the weekend and start to the week I have had. But if the picture above is any indication it has been one for the record books.

For those of you that dont know I am just a wee bit into my second year on the board of directors for our townhouse condominium complex. I in all honesty love the position. Im involved in helping better the place that I live and while most of the time its day to day business as usual this weekend has certainly tested me and my fellow directors.

It started Friday afternoon with a set of 5  water main breaks. Our water was shut off and the only word we heard was Monday we’d get water back. Our contractors were working around the clock to fix the situation and as a board all we could do is hope that they would get it done ahead of schedule. But by Saturday night/ Sunday morning we were at 8 main breaks and at a stand still.  Our contractors wanted to replace a 100 foot stretch of pipe. The patch were not solving the problem as it would just blow out a little further down. Monday morning the pipe was to arrive.

The city had been notified by some of the residents and they of course had to swoop in and red tape the whole situation. So instead of keeping the ball rolling they brought in their contractors and their ideas on how they thought it should be done.

More patches. More breaks.  Half the homes had water Sunday night.

Monday morning the president of the board emails the Chief Supervisor in the Region of Peel water works. Says what are we doing wrong. Give us some advice. We get an email back from Chief a short time later saying that he had never seen a situation like this ever in his career.

A more patches and more breaks (we were up to 12 at this point) the city’s contractors finally said this is ridiculous. I think there was 8 clamps in a span of 30 feet worth of pipe. We cannot patch this any further. It needs to be replaced entirely otherwise it could blow completely when they turned the water on again.

Remember we had this started 48 hours before basically? Yeah. Still tangled in red tape. So I left the site at 930pm Monday night hoping that I would get a call for the go ahead before morning and the the pipe was to be ordered and be installed. I ended up going out later to visit with some of the affected residents and ease their concerns that we were doing everything we could. I didn’t get home until after 11.

Ten oclock yesterday morning we finally got the call. Pipe was ordered and they were getting the ball rolling. Twelve thirty the pipe had arrived but the water department wanted different valves to be used. An hour and a half wait for that. Four thirty I got another call. The Health Department was there and they wanted to change how things were to be done yet again.

As of last night when I got home they were talking about the pipe going in first thing this morning and the inspectors will all be on hand to do the final testings etc. Heres hoping by the time I get home tonight everyone will have water. I cannot wait to see what the bill for this is going to be. Certainly a record for us.

Either way Im off to work.

Until tomorrow…

Happy Birthday Little Bear!!

January 21, 2014

hope(This post comes completely late as my world has been turned upside down over the weekend more on that tomorrow however)

Today marks the birth of my middle daughter. She eleven years ago she was born into my world when I needed her most. I firmly believe that she has lived up to her name in every sense of the word. She has the gentle heart that never fails to provide unending love and warm hugs when you need it the most. She is always the first one to scramble for a hug and the one who wont let you go until you’ve gotten your fill of hugs.

Her hope one day is to become a doctor so she can make people feel better. She is dead set on this and has been studying the human body for years now. Yes years folks. Most kids bring home story books from the library. She brings home books about the digestive system and reads them as she eats her breakfast.

With that being said Im shooting to get the rest of this day over and done with so I can run home to my baby bear and get me some birthday girl hugs!

Until tomorrow…



Channeling My Inner Mechanic

January 17, 2014

For those of you who don’t know I’ve only had my license and my van for a couple of years but I love her. She’s my gateway to freedom and my workhorse.

Well one of the things I always wanted was to learn how to do all sorts of things to keep my van running. One never knows when something will go wrong when you’re out in the middle of no where. And I try my best to be completely prepared or mostly prepared for things that crop up.

Besides I grew up watching my mothers father tinker in his garage and I don’t have a problem getting my hands dirty.

I’m pretty lucky to have my Uncle around to show me the ropes and teach me how to take care of the little things that crop up.

So when my left front blinker burnt out I already knew what to do as I had changed the other one in the summer. But needed somewhere bright and warm to get the job done.  After a delicious dinner made by my aunt we tackled the job. Of course it took some fighting of course. No work on a vehicle every goes smooth. Cold and slush makes everything a pain right now.

But it got done. Topped up the fluids while I was at it.  And after walking my grams home I headed home myself.

I pulled in the drive and naturally the headlight is burnt out on that side now. So I’ll be down there again tonight to get that changed. Never ending story.

But I love her.

Until Tomorrow…

Boring Board Meeting..

January 16, 2014


I didn’t get a lot done last night because I spent the evening at my condo corps board meeting. (The quilt for my nephew in the picture was actually finished Tuesday night.)

I’ve been on the board just over a year and its actually quite enlightening and at some points entertaining. Last night however was not so much. Being that we are coming up to our fiscal year end there was more talk about finances than there was anything else.

That aside it was a slow start at the store and by the time it got busy later in the evening I was tired beyond from lack of adrenaline.

Here’s hoping today remains busy and the day flies by.

I get to go change my front blinker in my van after work tonight. Means I get to see my Nan and Aunt (and of course Uncle too haha) as ill be borrowing their parking garage as my auto shop. Hard to change a bulb in the dark and by the time I get home at night its pitch dark and I’ve no time until the weekend otherwise.

Well best be off to start my day.

Until Tomorrow…

Filling My Bucket

January 15, 2014


Everyone always asks me how I find the time to make the things I do. And my response is always the same. I make time.


Its my ME time. Its both productive and therapeutic.

And in my personal opinion its something that everyone needs to be healthy. I know for myself that I need to have this time for me everyday or as close to it as is possible given my somewhat hectic lifestyle or otherwise I am no good to anyone or anything.

Last year I did not make the time I needed for myself and I deeply regret how I managed my life. After taking over the business in early June I threw myself into my job. Coming home tired to begin with and continuing to work at home until the wee hours in the morning.

I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. I wanted to make sure that I was doing right by my new business and giving it my all. But what I realized later was that I had worn myself right through. There was nothing left of me for anything or anyone.

My stress levels were at an all time high and I didn’t like the person I was starting to become. After more than one discussion with my Uncle it dawned on me that I had not been filling my soul with things that made me happy.  I had been doing all of the right ‘have-to’ things but I wasn’t shutting off and taking the time out to do the things I needed to do to fulfill myself as a person.

With the change in year coming I realized just what I had to do to make a real difference in the way I managed my life. I reverted back to taking time for me. Once I walk out of the store at the end of the night I try my level best not to think about or do anything for the business unless there is an emergency that arises and then and only then I will do what need be done. If it can wait until morning then it gets done the next day.

While I still find myself tired I am finding that I am not as stressed out as I was. While last week wore me out with all the things that happened I spent a lot of time on the weekend refilling my happiness bucket and am feeling much better for it.

Remember to always make time to fill your happiness bucket. Its important.

In the words of my dear Uncle “If you dont look after you, how can you look after anyone else?”

Until Tomorrow…

Lost Track Of Time…

January 14, 2014

So the last couple of days I’ve been a bit lax in my blog posting. Sunday I started out with the idea that I would do my semi usual Sunday Night Chit Chat… which I did not write and yesterday, well to be honest I was tired and didn’t write it. So with that I am back into the swing of things today.

How are my goals for 2014 going? Some not bad. Some not great.


I seem to be finishing a lot of little things in the last week or so. Seemed like every day there was something else being completed. However work on the black and pink blanket I started in the deep freeze last week has come to a standstill as I have run out of the black yarn I was using and despite going through one giant bin of wool have not come up with any more loose ends lurking. That being said I wont have time to hunt some more down for a bit. I did however find a few leftover unfinished projects hidden in the bin and will be working away on getting those completed.


Lets just say I have had a whole lot of beautiful plot lines and new thoughts for already started books but the energy level and focus still hasn’t returned and I find myself going through spits and spurts writing. Some moments like one I had yesterday are great but mostly its forced. Slow but sure I am positive it will come back to me again.


Aside from my absence the last couple of days on this blog I seem to be doing alright on both blogs. My writing blog is pretty booked up for the next couple of months which is lovely. I will be looking for more authors to interview and do guest posts with as time goes on.

And off to work I go!

Until Tomorrow…